Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's funny what strikes me when I decide to feature certain bands, and in this case it was a series of events. I had the chance to venture out of the house Friday night with a couple of friends to a club you could consider the industrial/goth type mecca we call Outland here locally in Columbus. It was a great time and I got to hear some music I hadn't heard in quite a while. My cousin in Hong Kong also announced a surprise marriage to his Danish girlfriend this weekend. For some reason, those things have been swimming around in my brain, so when I was randomly checking bands out of the group member list here, it was all too easy to settle on these artists from Denmark. The blog and group music lately has been heavy on the indie guitar rock as of late and I was looking for an opportunity to mix things up just a bit. Today's featured song takes me all the way back to the original early to mid 80s industrial music scene in Europe that would eventually cause a commotion here in the states a few years later. If you are (or were) a fan of either Nitzer Ebb or Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, you will love this for sure.

After reading what info I could find, it turns out that Stol is the duo of Martin Ferro-Thomsen and Michael Schoubye from Copenhagen, Denmark. They started out in 2000 and eventually released a 2003 maxi single titled Hemisphere Constructor which you can download for free. The band name actually means 'chair' and 'trust' in their native language, but is also an acronym for Short Take Off and Landing. Check the Stol Myspace Page for 3 more songs to download (all are good) and a blog post that gives a an impressive list of equipment they use. They have been working for months on the new album and news updates can be found on the wonderfully minimalist Stol website.

MP3: Tefau Ohne Laut


peteski said...

great, stol.

martin of stol said...

Hey, this is Martin from stol.

I appreciate the fine words and excellent research you've done (mainly because we haven't released that much info yet :).

We are currently working on a grim track called Claymore 64. I was in Sril Lanka this summer (yes, I know!) where I had a 'near death' experience with a few claymore mines that ended up killing 64 innocent civilians.

It's gonna be the track heaviest on guitar yet - and by far the best lyrics (I say modestly).

We will soon release a short EP and hopefully start touring. We will let you know on our site and MySpace when anything happens.

Thanks for tuning in!