Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Terribles

Since we started this blog, we've received some great music solicitations to the proudly announced "in box" that other music bloggers speak of. We refer to it as simply our gmail and really never expected anything more than pharmaceutical spam and a few hello messages. I have to say, however, that there are plenty of major label folks out there pretending to be indie in order to send stuff to bloggers. It's pretty funny but also probably an ok job for someone just out of college trying to learn some facet of the music industry. I'm making a list of Interpol/Radiohead/boy band sounding things we've received and it just might be a year end extravaganza you should plan on missing.

With that observation out of the way, today's featured artists are a completely different deal. The Terribles are not a band I know very much about at all, but discovered after my feature on the Broken Robots not too long ago. It seems that these two bands are working out the details of a split 7" from what a little bird tells me. This indie pop quintet from Ireland has little information online but a sound that is amazingly sweet. I visited The Terribles MySpace page and listened to both available songs and had to flip a coin to figure out which downloadable track to feature. Both songs are part of the band's debut 2006 EP Mistake: Do Over. You can purchase it through onemorego for €6.00 EUR or visit Rough Trade Shops for the £2.99 GBP grab!! The Terribles are on their own Poltergeist Records and also have a MySpace page for the new label as well. The potential for this band is really great and I hope you enjoy the "heads up" on them. Highly recommended.

MP3: Those Songs

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Michelle said...

I really (really, really) like this one. Good find!