Thursday, August 31, 2006


Today's ramble is all about shoegaze and I'm not sure a week has gone by yet here without a solid or at least semi-relevant feature in that direction. Plenty of music blog folks are discovering and posting new bands from around the world that are re-creating similar variations of this now time tested sound for us. Today's featured band was part of a post on Mars Needs Guitars the other day. I honestly don't think you can classify what people refer to as shoegaze into a genre since it has been incorporated and evolved into so many other styles during the past several years. Plenty of the bands I've heard in the past 15 or so years interpret it in a definite Dinosaur Jr. or Hüsker Dü indie rock fashion. This makes sense to me since both bands were such a major influence to the original crop of late 80's/early 90's shoegaze musicians. Other artists have taken the sound into what I would consider a beautifully dark corner of the indie pop spectrum where female vocal talent is all important and the traditional wall of sound guitars are secondary, if present at all. The latter is where I would place today's featured band although you might disagree with me toward the end of this track when the guitars become slightly more pronounced. Whether you agree or not with my take on things above, this is a really great song and lead vocalist Michaela Galloway needs to be heard to be believed.

are five musicians from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada who began making music in 2000. After a pair of EPs in 2001 and 2002 the band's debut full-length album titled Under The Waterline was released in 2003 on HybridElectric Records. Their latest release The Picture Plane came out just this past February on Submerged Records and today's featured track is a part of that release. You can buy either of these at CD Baby for $13 USD or download their music via Zunior. Also, check out the Hinterland website for much more info and links. They have a MySpace page that is recommended for more listening and another song for download as well. The other songs are decidedly more pop-influenced but really good.

MP3: Object Lessons

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