Thursday, August 03, 2006


I just received a good laughing-at for holding an ice cube to my forehead while trying to type this. The hot weather is still extremely difficult to deal with and Michelle (via webcam) was ever so amused. London seems to have become slightly cooler over the past 24 hours and I wish I was back there... if only for the rain we here in Cowtown, Ahia could use so badly. Anyway, I found a band that has little information but a huge sound you dream rock/shoegaze fans will enjoy. Regardless of the current popularity and resurgence of that particular genre I am one of you shoegaze geeks for sure. Some bands do it well while 4 out of each 5 I run into send me screaming in horror. I'd like to think I feature the good stuff.

The band Relay is from Philadelphia, PA but is otherwise a mystery to me, however, I will tell you what I did find out. They have a MySpace page where you can listen to some songs from the new EP. You won't be able to download those songs, but Type/Void will be released on August 8th by Bubble Core Records ($5 USD) and sounds really nice. Today's feature is an advance single that is not part of that EP, although it is a good representation. If you would like some available downloads you will need to visit the Relay website. There is the current song as well as a 10+ minute deal you will love. I think Adam Franklin might actually find this charming. I'm off to get another ice cube for my head. As they used to say in the high school yearbooks... stay cool.

MP3: Context

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