Friday, August 11, 2006

Wrapping Paper

Today's featured song is a short one at only 2 minutes and 10 seconds, but there is plenty of goodness packed into that brief amount of time. Since there is little information on this artist the review will also be short. I was blog jumping the other evening after I was done with my writeup for the group/blog and happened upon a band with a strange name at Gramophone. I had to listen and am better off for it. This is some wonderfully fuzzy lo-fi indie rock. I place the sound somewhere between Sebadoh and GBV with a hint of some of the noisier Swedish bands I've heard recently.

Wrapping Paper is the music of a Saint Paul, Minnesota musician who simply refers to himself as Tim. Tim has no label at the present time and is without a website beyond MySpace as well. He has no band and plays his music solo acoustic live. What does Tim have to offer, you ask? You can visit him at either his Wrapping Paper MySpace or check out his Workhorse Industries MySpace page to hear much more and add on as a friend. You can also contact him via Gmail for more info. I think there will be a silent agreement amongst the listeners here that Tim needs to find a band asap. This is really catchy stuff that might be difficult to get out of your head.

MP3: Hold Up the Neon Sign

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