Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

One crazy thing led to another looking for yesterday's music and I stumbled upon yet another great band from Ireland in the process. I was immediately smitten and ended up listening to the featured song at least 5 times in a row before shaking the blank stare off my face in order to download the song. This is really nice acoustic stuff and I hope you enjoy it. I got a late start so this will not be the most detailed review but around halfway through the song it won't matter what I have to say at all. Temperature being the Gauge, this is probably one of the warmest songs I've had to offer here. The shared vocal responsibilities are divided equally, but as I am a complete sucker for the female tone, Ann Blake really did me in. There are no comparisons that need to be made here. I'm just glad to have found this music.

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
is a sextet from all over Ireland so don't ask me to pin it down to anywhere else besides the college where they met. That would be University of Limerick circa mid 90's. They were separated after university and some years later re-grouped in 2004. The product of that reunion is what you are listening to here. You can visit the BPLO MySpace to hear some more music and add on to their friends list if you feel so motivated. There is also the BPLO website where the band's Fireside Chat EP is completely free to download. That might be the band's way of secretly taking over the world... shhh! Or at least Brad Pitt's identity. This one is highly recommended.

MP3: Talking To Yourself

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Amanda said...

thanks, it's always good to have new music recommended