Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Cherry Tempo

Ok, this is where the alternate universe begins. Yesterday I featured a band from the UK that you, without reading the write up, might have guessed was from the states. (specifically Cleveland, Ohio in my mind.) Today we have a band from New Mexico that has this song which could easily remind you of a number of bands from the UK. The featured song kicks off with what I think to be the old cassette tape bleeps but that could just be the MP3 I downloaded from MFR. Not sure about that. Once the vocals start you just have to know that this is yet another treat for your ears here on MML. The other music I heard from this band is more focused toward guitars and sounds equally fantastic. I highly recommend a visit to their MySpace page to hear four more songs. I've been listening to Wake Up Gertrude quite a bit also. It sounds a like an old Lemonheads song to me.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
is home to the indie rock quartet The Cherry Tempo. The band members (w/ MySpace links) are Javier on guitar & voice, Dave on guitar, Will on drums & voice and finally Jasper on bass & voice. The band's debut album came out in May of this year and is aptly titled Self Titled. You can buy it if you visit either The Cherry Tempo website or you could also visit the band's label June Records to do the same. I won't be able to do these guys any more justice than to tell you that big things are coming for them. I will, instead, send you here to read an additional bio regarding the beginnings of the band. Happy Saturday!!

MP3: In Hindsight I Know

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