Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Lodge

Our 'trusty' EZarchive hosting account is down to upload stuff for some odd reason (past two days) so we had to use a free .Mac backup to get the music to you. I'm not sure why EZ is so screwed up but hopefully all will be well soon. Let's get rolling.

A few months ago I was in London visiting Michelle and we decided to take some time out to go to Brighton, UK. I had the best time there and left saying to myself... This beats most college towns in the states... If there was any way to make money here I would move in a second. I met a few street musicians and bought a CD off of one of them. Really good place that I highly recommend you visit if overseas. You can see the pictures from the trip on my blog if you get bored. Anyway, I was very excited to find a band from that town for today's music. These guys have a basic formula for low key rock that surpasses the indie rock genre identification. I was impressed to say the least. Beyond this song you can visit The Lodge MySpace page and will understand exactly what I mean once you take a listen.

The Lodge
is a rock quartet that I mentioned above being from Brighton, UK. The song you are listening to is from an EP titled Noose that will be released in September 2006. The band is not currently signed to a label but you can visit The Lodge website to find out where to get your hands on this gem. My thinking is that you will need PayPal. Oh, almost forgot. There is also a really well done video for another of the band's upcoming songs. You can find it at either of the above mentioned links. This is goooood. Let me know what you think ah?

MP3: All Wrong

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