Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dah Da Candy/Acid Lily

When you find a really good band or collaboration of likeminded artists that turns out to be a combination of 3 separate projects it becomes a challenge to explain in a write up such as this. I'll do my best but try to keep it vague in order for you to visit the links and figure it all out for yourselves. The sound here is obviously shoegaze and another of the ones I would put on my "must have" list. This duo met online and are from two completely different countries but come together quite nicely for their efforts. Really nice, in fact, but you probably can already hear that for yourself. This is where it gets a bit complicated so please try to follow along with my chaotic account of things. There will be a bunch of links so here goes.

Dah Da Candy is the musical project of musician K-Marl from Kobe, Japan. There are a ton of great downloadable songs that are similar to today's feature on the Dah Da Candy website. He enlists the help of Apichaya Chaipayom from Bangkok, Thailand who is a DJ/Vocalist and identifies her music as Neuter Lover. She also has a MySpace page to check out for the trip-hop side of things. After they both met online, the music began to happen and a shared project called Acid Lily emerged. They describe it as a fictional band and there is also an Acid Lily MySpace page for a mix of today's featured song. I'm almost out of breath now so will just tell you that you can find instructions for buying plenty of the music right here. Please have your foreign currency calculator set for YEN to USD. I checked and the exchange rate is around 0.0087. They also mention that you can actually mail them cash. Cheers!!

MP3: Red Flower

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