Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jed & Lucia

In order to keep a good mix of of musical stylings here, I've been attempting to switch things up a bit more lately. I only hope you can notice the recent effort I've undertaken. It was extremely difficult to decide which song to feature out of the available downloads from today's artist, so as soon as I figured out that Swedesplease posted this track, it was all the excuse I needed. Craig (through his wonderful Swedish music blog) was nice enough to mention our efforts recently and we wanted to return the favor. If you visit here often, you know that I won't try my hand at describing music as any type of texture, landscape or ice cream flavor. I'll leave that trite blather to the professional also-rans. Instead, I will simply say that these two musicians create songs that are absolutely beautiful. Together they mix the sounds of basic folk instruments with their interpretation of what an ambient pop song should be. It works extremely well. Now let's get to the important stuff...

Jed & Lucia are a couple that came from separate parts of the world. Jed's hometown is Seattle, Washington while Lucia is from Stockholm, Sweden, and now they both reside in the rural area of Chatsworth, California. This duo has been making music since they met at CalArts and have several solo projects each. To understand the true scope of things you need to first visit the Jed & Lucia website. The About section there is a very good read that explains much more. They recently inked a deal with Riptide Music for electronic distribution and have enlisted the assistance of a Fanatic Promotions (good friend of our MySpace group). Next you can visit the Jed & Lucia MySpace page for more music and the compulsory "add". The latest full length CD is Candles in Daylight and was released Feb. 1st of this year. It is available on Amazon and CDbaby for $10.00!! I would put up the iTunes link but it keeps trying to make me register and I refuse to have it on my computer. Jed & Lucia is highly recommended.

Btw...above dress by Renee

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