Friday, August 25, 2006

The Carter Administration

It was extremely busy at the office yesterday and I didn't get so much as a few minutes to screw off in order to look around the Internet for today's feature. I got home and decided that The Lemonheads would stay on for another day and I would make my way up the street for cocktails. While having a pre-cocktail beer, I was on our MML MySpace page and saw a bulletin posted by previously featured Apollo Up! I mistakenly clicked their profile instead of the bulletin and ended up snooping around checking for other good bands they might have as friends. It didn't take long at all to find one. After a quick Skype call to Michelle we both listened and I was happily staying in for the evening to change music. I mentioned before that Nashville was a place I wanted to revisit for music and soooo... here we are. This is a great garage rock band that has just enough of a southern flare to keep me from thinking NYC. The rhythm is tense and urgent while the guitars lure you back in with simple yet amazing hooks at each turn. All of the songs I listened to were equally solid.

As I mentioned above, The Carter Administration are a power trio from Nashville, Tennessee. They formed in 1998 and have quite a few DIY releases since their inception. In 2005 they joined onto Theory 8 Records and released the full length Air Guitar Force One that summer (Aug. 26th). If you visit the Carter Administration MySpace there is plenty more to hear from the new EP God & Country. They will be giving this self-released CD out for free for the first time when they play 3 Crow Bar tomorrow night (Aug 26th also!?!) Coincidence in the dates ah? The band is also working on a new full length LP. Another good visit to make is to the Theory 8 MySpace page for more great music.

MP3: Evil Is The Way

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