Monday, August 07, 2006

Paper Bird

Paper Bird
is the one-girl home-recorded musical project of Anna Kohlweis, who lives in Vienna, Austria. She's been making music under that alter ego since she moved to Vienna in 2003; prior to this, she claims to have been raised in a woodland cave by fierce hobgoblins! She's released a few download-only EPs via the Paper Bird website, followed by the release of Paper Bird's debut album, Peninsula, in March of this year on Austrian label Seayou Records. The song featured here is taken from that album.

The Paper Bird website is worth a visit as there's plenty of songs available to listen to (and download), as well as a video to watch. You can also order a copy of the album direct from the site, for 10 Euros (plus shipping) - you just need to send an email to Anna, and can pay by Paypal or bank transfer. She also has a Paper Bird MySpace page, where you can find the usual news updates and streaming songs. Last but not least, Anna has another website where you can find links to various different projects she's involved in... go and have a look.

MP3: Out Here The Hills Touch The Sky

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