Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Medics

In an attempt to stay in touch with and keep up to date on the artists we post here and on the group, we created a MySpace profile that you are more than welcome to visit or add. It's really kinda cool to get all of the bulletins from these bands. Every now and again there is a new release or project that is made available and I was really pleased that this particular band decided to offer up some new material. These guys are truly generous for posting today's song for download and it won't take you long to notice that the song is an exceptional example of good ole Indie Rock. If you think this is far too nice to be anything but finished product you would be wrong. It's only a demo! I featured The Medics around 3 months ago and it now gets better. I haven't heard a weak track yet from this band and that is a rare occurrence. Your first stop should be to the The Medics MySpace Page to hear another equally good demo and some songs from the last time they graced us with their music in May.

Photo by Ben Shapiro

Ok, the last time I featured this four piece, I mistakenly mentioned that they were all from New Jersey. I am thankful that I now have the opportunity to redeem myself. The Medics are from both New Jersey and Tulsa err... I mean New York, New York. They released their latest 7-song EP Shangri-La on Omad Records and it really is worth the measly $7 you have to pay to get your hands on it. There is also a white vinyl LP version available that is all analog and highly recommended. If you visit The Medics website there are band updates and songs to download. I have been assured that there will be several upcoming shows in and around the northeastern US so stay tuned. Another thing you might want to check out are the bedroom recordings of the lead vocalist/guitarist from this band. Ray (formerly known as DVC) has an ongoing project in Hundred Dollar Elephant. From what he tells me, if you send him $3.00 USD he will send you 30 songs. Not a bad deal at all. Really good lo-fi songs from what I heard.

Photo by Ben Shapiro

MP3: Bomb

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