Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Broken Robots

As I've mentioned in the past, one of the best parts about having the MML MySpace account is receiving bulletins about new projects and music released from the bands. It makes it much easier to keep up to date on things than if I were to attempt to go through endless music blogs and aggregators for the latest. Today's featured artists have been on my friends list for over a year now and have always been a great shoegaze listen. I've noticed recently, however, a new intensity in their music that puts aside some of the overly-delicate qualities that many other modern shoegaze bands rely too heavily upon. The guitars are more aggressive and the tempo is increasingly a driving backdrop. This enhanced sound is enough to earn their music the updated Dream Rock description in my book. At the same time, Mark, Damion and Annie, who share vocal responsibilities, keep it real in true MBV fashion. After reading a bulletin regarding this brand new track, I immediately went to take a listen. My computer's sound system has a really good sub-woofer and this song shook the hell out of the floorboards of my apartment. The track was halfway through and I had already begun typing a message to the band asking if I could feature it. Thanks BR!

Broken Robots
are from Blackburn, UK and started out as the music project of Mark Woodward and Damion Bridson in 2004. Seeing as they are both guitarists/vocalists they soon decided to enlist the help of keyboardist/vocalist Annie Parsons. Eventually brought into the mix were Chris Eaves on drums and Ben Parsons on Bass to complete the 5 piece. If you visit the Broken Robots website there are additional songs and info on the band's upcoming debut EP. There is no specific DOR set as of yet but it will be released at some point in 2006. The band decided on the DIY approach for distribution and created their own label Landscape Records. The EP will be the label's debut release as well. Also check out the Landscape MySpace page. Finally, to hear even more music and get a copy of a 16 track demo that is currently available, hit up the Broken Robots MySpace. Annie's vocals on the song Sorry are really something to witness. They also have a split 7 inch with The Terribles in the works. If you weren't completely convinced of my adoration for this band all you have to do is go to my own space where you will find a BR banner (courtesy of Letty.)

MP3: 1.2 Million Candle Power
***This track will only available for a limited time.***

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