Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Just so we have record of it, I will mention that this is the third evening in a row that I cannot upload music to our hosting site EZarchive. For some reason it is fine during the day but since I search for music at night it really screws my pooch. I swear, the first company that offers reliable bandwidth for a reasonable price will make millions. If anyone wants to form a financial alliance for just such an endeavor please message me.... Now on to the semi-relevant stuff.

At the end of many evenings, after the next day's music is done and beer is in my bloodstream, I go checking labels and blogs for new music. After downloading onto my desktop I often forget the source. If today's feature is yours recently please notify me - we wouldn't want to pass up the chance to link your offerings! I downloaded the song in a way that the song title came up first so yesterday was all about looking for a band called The Groundhogs. I was sure I would find more info on this great song entitled Schwervon! After I figured the opposite was the case I have to say a few things came to mind. My first thought was that this seemed like an experimental version of Jon Spencer and damned if I didn't check the band's MySpace page to see a mention of him. Very cool.

Schwervon! is from New York, New York and is the musical duo of Nat Turner and Major Matt. Meeting and becoming a couple might seem a nice enough story but after making music this good since 1999 the cool factor escalates dramatically. They have quite the eclectic (I hate that word) sound and are also signed to Olive Juice Music which doubles as the Schwervon! website as far as I can tell. The touring duties start up at The Cakeshop in NYC on 24 August, then quickly takes them to Europe. Enjoy this departure from the low key stuff I've been featuring as of late.

MP3: Groundhogs

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