Monday, August 21, 2006

Salty Pirates

It will be Monday when you read this. Either you will be on your way to work with coffee (like me), dragging yourself out of bed for summer classes with a bottled water, or just sitting having a beer on the couch watching morning talk shows. In any of these cases, it might bring a smile to your face when you hear yet another great band from Sweden. I'm not sure what additive is in the water over there that makes these people create such great music, but if I ever decide to start another band I will import this music juice by the barrel. The lyrics in this song will jump right out at you as being witty and a total catch. Once you realize that there is a healthy dose of guitar involved you will get that smile for sure. I've decided to reduce the amount of time I spend trying to figure out every reason I like certain songs in order to sit back and simply enjoy the music. After finding and listening to today's feature, I have a good place to start.

Salty Pirates
are an indie pop quintet from Halmstad, Sweden. There is just about enough guitar in there to call it indie rock but who really cares. They began playing together as a full set in 2002, and from what I read on their MySpace Page, the band is good at making their own pizza and have sinister plans on taking over the world. I think I like that plan (and food group). If you visit the Salty Pirates website you will find a really nice surprise. All of their music is downloadable for free. Every single song!! You can even download a really cool video there as well. It's a very trippy video of what you could expect if heavily medicated and traveling through Swedish forests. I like the singing fish... I like this band a lot.

MP3: The Couple On The Bus

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