Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Heartless Bastards

After featuring an exceptional band from the UK yesterday, I felt the need to come back home (musically speaking) to Ohio for today's offering. I live an hour and a half or so north of Cincinnati and and am always amazed at the massive amount of good bands that are down in that area. The music bloggers and live music scene there are never at a loss and it doesn't hurt a bit that is such a stellar outfit. We could use a station like that here in Columbus. Anyway, I think it's a really cool thing that this band has been given such widespread media attention, yet keep themselves at a pace that lends you to believe they possess the gift of longevity. Since I was on a mission to have a clean kitchen last night, I tried to keep this writeup brief and to the point.

As I mentioned above, the Heartless Bastards are a trio from Cincinnati, Ahia. From the bio I read, I learned that vocalist/guitarist Erika Wennerstrom grew up in nearby Dayton, Ohio where she had extensive vocal and piano training. She met bassist Mike Lamping and drummer Kevin Vaughn when she moved to Cinci at age 22 and collectively they ended up with a damn good band. Their latest full-length release shares the name of today's featured title track All This Time and is available through Mississippi based Fat Possum Records. There are a few more MP3s there and also a Fat Possum MySpace page to hit up. The CD release party will be Sept. 1st at the historic Southgate House near Cincinnati and the previously featured Lab Partners will also be playing!! Check out the Heartless Bastards MySpace for even more music. Ok, I attempted not to be long winded. Just be glad you don't have me on the phone with you.

MP3: All This Time

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