Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sunny Day Sets Fire

The sky started to darken yesterday as I looked out of my office window and after a quick check of the weather forecast, I learned that it was about to start raining for my drive home. It's supposed to continue throughout the weekend which led me to want some happy sounding music for Saturday. If the name of this band isn't indication enough of what I would soon discover to be the SDSF sound, I'm not sure what name could be. Sunny and cheery, with the beginning of this track somehow reminding me of a retro Pizzicato Five number I can't quite put my finger on. The P5-ish quality soon evolves into a really well done pop song. Ever so slightly stronger guitars poke through the puffy twee clouds periodically only to leave me waiting for them to return. This is actually the only song I've heard from this band so I will need to return to their MySpace Page to click on some of the others.

Sunny Day Sets Fire
is quite the international outfit. Guitarist/vocalist Mouro is from Italy while drummer/vocalist Onyee is from Hong Kong. They met while working as ushers at a movie house in London and soon began creating music. They performed as a duo for quite some time, then added Max on guitar/baritone and most recently bassist Ed to complete the full band. If you go to the Sunny Day Sets Fire Website there is an interactive matchbook to navigate. Inside the matchbook are some songs and a video for the track featured here today. There is also a video on Youtube to check out. September 15-17 will see the band travel to North Dorset/Wiltshire, UK. There they will visit the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens and perform for the Parrots, Peacocks and around 5000 music fans at the End of the Road Festival. Happy Saturday!!

MP3: Wilderness

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