Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Ok... It's classic Sunday and I have a good one for you. Don't expect me to go into the history of Pussy Galore here. I'm fairly drunk and have them planned for a future Sunday but I will give you what little I can from this part of the Jon Spencer experience. I'm not sure what it is about this guy that brings out the extremes in people. He has a beautiful wife in Christina Martinez of Boss Hog and an amazing musical history, but people get (yeah, I'll say it) downright catty about him. I think it brings out latent homosexual jealousy when people discount the full scope of this artist's body of work. I only say this because he is obviously an attractive (skinny marlboro man) guy and who wouldn't notice it?? I am way outta line and having fun doing it so just enjoy this song from the mid 90's. This is by far the worst review I've ever done and oh ho ho... I'm not done. I will, however, save the 1988 story of Necros drummer Todd Swalla throwing Mr. Spencer off an after hours front porch like a bag of antlers for another day. That was one hell of a party. In case you get bored this is what I looked like back then. Please have the slightest care before laughing it up.

In 1994 I had made my way to college and the newly released album Orange was a collection of new anthems for me while the previous year's gem Extra Width was still in heavy rotation on the block. Countless afternoons were spent with my stereo speakers pointed out of my apartment windows while we tossed a frisbee over oncoming traffic. The lineup of the band consisted of Jon on Vocs/Guitar, Judah Bauer on guitar and Russell Simins tending to (or beating the shit out of) the drums. Please notice that no bass was involved. This was the first exposure I had to a non-bass band and plenty of the musicians that do it now have Mr. Spencer to thank. They might even have been the first indie rock band to do it. Jon Spencer is now involved with a project called Heavy Trash on Yeproc Records but beyond that I have no information on the whereabouts of the balance of this incredible band. The song I was originally going to feature started out with "HEY BABY YOU SURE LIKE TO FUCK"... and actually, I think I will post it, as a bonus track. The only other thing I could find was this fan MySpace page. I'll edit this in the morning sooo...until then much love from a drunken Mr. Casey. Happy Sunday.

Oh hell, I almost forgot. This classic show happend in 1990 or '91?? I was standing in a small bar called Staches here in Columbus and JSBX rocked out. There were no more than 20 people standing there to witness it. Buffalo Tom was outstanding also. Just for kicks, the opening act was local band Stupid Fucking Hippie. That might have been their only show...haha

MP3: Bellbottoms
Bonus MP3: Full Grown

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