Monday, August 28, 2006


I stretched out my legs yesterday in order to jump around music blogs on a mission of finding something for today's feature. After sifting through a ton of Richard Buckner posts I decided to call it quits. When I want the rust belt feel of American folk rock, all I need to do is visit this guy. Not that Buckner isn't good or anything. He's just not Superman as some bloggers would have you believe. (next week = new flavor) Needless to say, I abandoned my mission and high tailed it back to MySpace for a stint. I messaged a band from Ireland the other day but they haven't been online to answer the all-important question "do you have band pics?" Since I was on their page anyway, I decided to check out this oddly named artist that was sitting on a silver ball with a blue guitar. Sure glad I did. The growl of the backing guitar sets what could surely be described as a shoegaze stage but it never really builds into anything that trapped. Swervedriver or MBV will come to mind at first but by the end of the song you will have the musical picture this artist might want you to see (or hear.) It's a really nice song as you can probably already tell, and sometimes that is just enough for a good sit back and listen. I need that sort of thing to start off the week.

is primarily the music of Ciaran Smith from Dublin, Ireland. To complete the full band he enlists the assistance of Ruadhan O' Meara and Ronan Jackson. Ciaran has been creating music since he was a child and in 2004 started his current project under the name Crayonsmith. The debut release Stay Loose is a true DIY bedroom style recording that was mixed a bit more by friend Steve Fanagan who runs the Slow Loris record label. If you visit the Crayonsmith Myspace page you can click to buy a copy of the album for €12.50 (roughly US $16/GBP £8.50 - and you can use PayPal), and you'll find more songs for listening and download as well as a MySpace video. Also stop by the Crayonsmith Website for much more info. There is also this really good YouTube YouTube video of Ciaran on a building rooftop playing acoustic guitar for you.

I hope this post finds you well and on your way to a tolerable non-hungover work week. I, on the other hand, might need some aspirin.

MP3: Scarytale

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