Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Low Lows

It's the weekend and there's not much going on here. I'll do some Saturday apartment cleaning and then I need to get out of the house for once. This music searching thing is fun but sometimes I need to get away from the computer in order to preserve my sanity. In other words, this is going to be a short write up. When I heard this song, it brought to mind a some lost soundtrack from a late 60's love story that would end in brutal tragedy. The reverb levels muffle what might otherwise be considered noise rock and I'm fairly sure there's a big difference between the live performance and recorded music with this band. Beautifully haunting and quite eerie in a recurring dream is how I would describe their sound. You can listen to some of the additional songs at The Low Lows MySpace Page.

Parker & Lily were an NYC pop band that started in 1999. From what I read in their bio they moved to Athens, Georgia, at some point, and after 3 albums eventually split up in 2005. P.L. Noon, Daniel Rickard and Jeremy Wheatley were 3/4 of that band and have since gone on to form The Low Lows. Their debut full length release Fire On The Bright Sky will be released September 12th through Athens based Warm Electronic Recordings. The band is already working on material for a follow up LP to be titled Panther Panther. Check the The Low Lows website for more info on the band and live dates. The upcoming tour will last through the duration of October here in the states, and then take them off to Europe for some dates in Nov/Dec as well. If you enjoy a healthy dose of reverb, gentle feedback and the lo-fi end of the indie music spectrum in general, this is definitely worth your time.

MP3: dear flies, love spider

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