Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Brazilian Girls

I received a friendly email today with a link to a recent review of Bob Mould's 1996 classic that is often and affectionately referred to as Hubcap by fans. I followed the link and visited the music blog Muzzle of Bees for the first time today and have to say that regardless of the "love him or hate him" part of the Bob review that had me scratching my head a bit, it is a really great site I recommend you visit for new music. I ended up snooping around there for a moment and found today's feature. I'm not sure I thought I would ever use the word sexy in one of these write-ups but that's the first thing that came to mind as the track began to kick in. Since I am firewalled from MySpace at work, I tried looking for band pics elsewhere online. Big hint... If your regional VP has an office next to yours, don't do a Google Image search of "Brazilian Girls" then walk away from your office to go make coffee. Ouch.

Besides some of the classics I feature on Sundays, this might be one of the more popular bands I've posted here but I couldn't resist. For those of you who have yet to hear them (like myself earlier today) you are in for a treat. Brazilian Girls are an Indie Pop quartet from New York, New York. In this one song, the vocals incorporate 4 different languages and a mix of all of them therewithin (is that a word?)... but that is not the first thing that jumped out at me. In the early part of this track Sabina Sciubba sounds so remarkably like Austrian-born Korinna Knoll from the NYC duo Neulander on the song Flying that I had to check pictures to make sure they were two different women. We'll feature that song here as a bonus track so you can hear what I mean. The new album Talk To La Bomb comes out September 12th and will be available via Verve Forcast. You can visit the Brazilian Girls MySpace page to hear this and another song and add them to friends. Another recommended stop would be the Brazilian Girls website. Again I will have fun in saying it... sexayyy!!

MP3: Jique
Bonus MP3: Neulander - Flying

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