Tuesday, August 01, 2006


PLEASE READ THIS before you click on the MP3, lest you be tempted to do what I almost did after hearing the vocoder on what I can only describe as a helium setting. I decided to listen past the 1 minute mark and wouldn't feature this had it not turned into a wonderfully noisy pop song. There are few artists that can pull this sound off successfully and this is one of them. The song builds into a fever pitch and then leaves you where you found it. I listened 3 or 4 times to be sure and then found another song that is completely different, so we're putting that up as a bonus track too. I hear more 80s rock (Sonic Youth...) in the other tracks and you will want to follow up on this one for sure. I'm patting myself and Alan on the back as we speak. j/k

is an indie rock 4-piece that resides 2 hours east of London in Norwich, UK. They formed in 1992 and have a sound that varies with each song. Some of the material would fit right in on an old classic label like Homestead while other songs might remind you of Sonic Youth, as mentioned above, or even Daft Punk. I'm thoroughly impressed and glad I took the extra time to listen. They have an album, The All Electric Amusement Arcade which is available through the Magoo Website. You can also find them on the band label Series 8. That record label has some other good bands you can check on the Series 8 MySpace page. Magoo also has a MySpace page where you can listen to 4 more tracks. The more I hear, the more I like!!

MP3: Expansion Ride (don't let the vocoder at the start put you off... stick with it!)

Bonus MP3: We're Not Superhuman (this is the one that will bring to mind Sonic Youth!)

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