Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Medics

Looking for really good new indie rock that flies under the radar? I've got the perfect place to start. Any time a band mentions Hüsker Dü as an influence; my attention is immediately drawn to them. When that band is actually good, it makes this music-searching thing all worthwhile. I heard today's featured song before seeing any pictures of the band. When I did finally see them I was surprised. These are really young guys putting this sound out there.

The Medics are a four-piece band from New Jersey that formed just a couple of years ago. From what I gather, they play locally for now and have quite the enthusiastic fanbase.

Their debut 7-song EP Shangri La came out last summer and was produced by John DeNicola of Omad Records. You can purchase it through CD Baby for $7. The Medics website has additional info and yes, they are on MySpace. What a way to kick off the long weekend.

MP3: Bloody Up Your Dress

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