Friday, May 12, 2006


The song featured today was embedded on my own MySpace page for quite some time. The Moment You Said Yes is a wild ride that is tied neatly at both ends. If you listen through to the end of the song I can almost guarantee you will be hooked. It's from the 2003 release Defrocked and Kicking the Habit which can be purchased on the Handsome Records label. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based Soltero is the music of Tim Howard. He has various musicians that assist him and the lineup changes often.

The band's latest release Hell Train came out November 2005 and is available on their current label Three Ring Circus. There are a ton of great mp3 downloads on the Soltero website. Also on the site are some good stories in the blog-like news section if you read around the political commentary. Soltero inhabits a MySpace site that you can visit as well. Tim Howard's songwriting ability is strong and immediately apparent. You really can't go wrong picking up any of the Soltero material. Highly Recommended!!

MP3: The Moment You Said Yes

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