Thursday, May 18, 2006

Silversun Pickups

I finally got to hear Los Angeles, California based Silversun Pickups yesterday and was really impressed. After listening to them I think you will agree that this is simply some great indie rock. Next week they start a 5-show run up the west coast so check out the Silversun Pickups website for the specific venue and date info. The band has an available EP from last year and now their first full-length release Carnavas which will be available July 25th. Check out Dangerbird Records to find out more. Thereis a Silversun Pickups MySpace page and they are also part of an artist community called The Ship that record at a studio of the same name.

Lead singer/Guitarist Brian Aubert sums the music up nicely in the following quote from the official band bio: "We like loud, growly guitar, but we use it in a way I think is pretty", says the singer-guitarist. "The guitars hum. They're big but warm, not something that's gonna make your ears freak out. We like melodies a lot, and when the guitars are going nuts, those can get lost. We love bands like Can and NEU! and My Bloody Valentine and white noise and these really long, bizarre things, but we also love listening to oldies and singing in the car. As much as we love that cool, avant-garde stuff, we can't help but have a song somewhere in there that you can hum along to."

MP3: Lazy Eye

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