Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Big Strong Union

Sometimes trying to feature a song I truly adore is quite the challenge. With little to no information to be found, this one was fairly difficult. Big Strong Union is from Malmo, Sweden. From what I am guessing, the band is actually one person. I checked the Big Strong Union website and found out that there are 2 previous EP's. The description of previous work on the site is quite self-deprecating which leads me to want to hear it even more.

The latest self-titled release is available on Canarie Records (Swedish language). You will only be able to buy this in North America if you contact the artist or Canarie Records directly (via email) and work something out. This songs sounds as if it came straight out of the Stephin Merritt playbook. The Magnetic Fields was the first thing that came to mind when I listened. There is more to be heard on the Big Strong Union MySpace page also.

MP3: Internet Poker Ruined My Life

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