Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bobby Baby

Malmoe, Sweden is home to a girl named Ella. Ella started writing pop music as a teen in 1998 and has been involved in a number of bands since. Her latest incarnation is that of Bobby Baby. Ella's vocals are as sweet as can be and are accompanied by music that brings to mind Her Space Holiday.

This song is from the summer 2005 EP Some Place New which was recorded in her own studio she shares with Lucky Misu. Check out the Bobby Baby website for a brand new video and MP3 from the upcoming EP Love To Dance plus plenty more MP3age in the archived music section. The release date for this EP has not been set but it will soon be available on UK-based label Red Letter Day Records. It's probably a safe bet that I'll be buying this one. Really nice!!

Oops!!...almost forgot. Bobby Baby is on MySpace.

MP3: Lads Are Fun

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