Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ultra Vivid Scene

As is usually the case on Sundays, today I've dug out some older stuff to feature. I won't normally go any further back than the early 80's and find myself hovering within a few years either way of 1990 for some reason. Today is a band that some of you around my age might remember.

Formed in 1987, Ultra Vivid Scene is the music of New York artist and musician Kurt Ralske. The debut, self-titled album came out in 1988 and was followed two years later with Joy 1967-1990, which is a definite favorite of that time period for me. UVS was on the legendary music label 4AD and had another later release entitled Rev in 1992. You can check out the Ultra Vivid Scene archive webpage, as well as the 4AD site for plenty of info. In 1992 I went to Cleveland to see Bob Mould perform live. Ultra Vivid Scene was the opening band. I arrived early, snuck in and got to see UVS do their sound check. Pretty cool ah? It might have been a sign of the times; but Kurt had sunglasses on while performing live that night... Even with the shades they were a great live act.

MP3: It Happens Every Time

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