Saturday, May 13, 2006


I featured Swedish band City Lights a while back here in the group. I've gone back and listened to their music quite a bit since. Little did I know at the time, but one of the members of that band has a side project. Diktendo is the music of Magnus Wahlstrom of City Lights.

The song featured is some really nice electro-pop and is on the latest EP Sweet and Tender, As We Are which came out last week. The EP is available on the Melodrama label for 25 kroner ($3.50 USD) + shipping. I checked out the Diktendo website to find that Magnus has several songs released and downloads available. He is currently working on new material for what I hope will be yet another EP. I then checked out the Diktendo MySpace page to find a surprise. Not one, but two people from my MySpace top 8 are on the friends list there also!! Small world ah? You folks are in big trouble for not clueing me in on this great music... big trouble!!

Happy Saturday.

MP3: The Tune I Call November

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