Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lab Partners

If I got in my car and drove west for one and a half hours I would end up in Dayton, Ohio. That city is home to plenty of good bands including the spacerock quartet Lab Partners. Mike Smith and Amy Smith started the band in 1998. In a couple of different reviews I read, their sound was compared to Spiritualized. I can kind of hear that somewhere behind the noticeably meatier guitars that develop in most songs. Lab Partners do not have a bass player; instead they rely on Amy's keyboards to fill the low end.

The song featured here is from the July 2005 release Wicked Branches and is available through their label Reverb Records. If you visit the Lab Partners website there are two more songs from the album. There also is a really amusing story about their recent west coast tour and what happened at the Las Vegas show... (a story that pretty much turned me off to The Pandas). Lab Partners can also to be found in MySpaceland, of course.

I'm going to have to start featuring more Ohio bands. There really are some good ones out there.

MP3: Love Don't Care

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