Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Age of Rockets

The first thing that might come to mind when listening to this is probably going to be The Postal Service. Well, it was for me. There is an abundant amount of similar electronica in the upper northwestern part of the US, however, The Age of Rockets are located on the opposite coast in New York City. The band was formed in 2003 by Andrew Futral. The music was written in his Purchase College dorm room as a project for the music conservatory there. 2006 brings his debut release The Drive Home. It is available on The Age of Rockets website for $10. There are also a few more great songs and a remix to download there. One of the songs I heard might as well be Ben Gibbardand Company. Also check out the band's MySpace page. The Age of Rockets are currently tucked away recording new material so there are no live dates to report.

MP3: An Ocean Away

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