Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I was checking out a few of the record labels on my MySpace friends list and on the group this past weekend and noticed a band I had seen on a couple of music blogs as being a part of their lineup. Santa Monica, CA based SoSweet Records is the label I am referring to. They've been on my friends list on MySpace for quite some time so it's always kind of fun when I end up matching things up that way. After re-finding it and downloading I was sure of today's feature.

Los Angeles band Eskimohunter is the music of Jason71. The more I read about his various art projects (Eskimohunter included) the more impressed I become. The band was formed in 2002 and the song today is from the early 2005 6 song + 3 video EP Musical Snowglobe Machine. As I mentioned above, you can grab it at the SoSweet Records website. The Eskimohunter website is under construction at the time of writing, so you will need to visit the band's MySpace page as well as Jason71 on MySpace. This is really dreamy stuff and I can hear the Spiritualized thing going on for sure.

MP3: Walking Tour of Space

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