Thursday, June 01, 2006

11hz Robot (featuring Lili de la Mora)

I usually won't feature cover songs here unless they are a bit different in some way. I received this one in my email (after begging for it) from Lili De La Mora. She is part of the Long Beach, California group of artists The Year Zero. Their music is some of the first I found on MySpace and they were also featured early on in the MySpace group. They put out some of the dreamiest music you will hear anywhere. Lili lends her beautiful voice to this unique and fun version of a Cure classic with the music of 11hz Robot.

This is where the fun starts. 11hz Robot is the music of Alex who is also from Long Beach, CA. The cool thing about this music is that it is produced primarily through 2 Nintendo Gameboys and a tiny Casio keyboard!! I only recently discovered some of the more daring experimental electronica artists and am really impressed here. Check out the 11hz Robot MySpace page for more music. Also don't forget to visit The Year Zero on MySpace and their label Skipping Stones Records. Great music in both places.

Thank you Lili & Alex.

MP3: Let's Go To Bed

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