Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Experimental electronica has been growing on me quickly over the past 6 months. My true love is in revved-up guitar rock but the stuff some of these artists are coming up with is amazing. Sound manipulation via laptop, use of antiquated casio toys and downright noise is great. I'm actively sourcing information on the subject when there is free time at work and no VP's are huddled around my office glancing in at my computer screen. Most of the artists I've seen use Mac but there has to be a few that work with a PC notebook. Anyway...

PSAPP is the London, UK-based duo of Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann. I read that they came out with their first demo tracks in 2002. If the sound is familiar, you may have heard them on the ABC television show Grey's Anatomy. They wrote and performed the theme song for it. They've also been featured on The O.C. I am featuring PSAPP (the first"P" is silent) here because the new full-length release is available just as of today on Domino Records. The second stop, in this case, would be to the PSAPP MySpace page. The official band website offers little information.

MP3: Hi

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