Thursday, June 29, 2006

Catholic Gaydar

When I ran across this band the name had me laughing. With a name like Catholic Gaydar, I couldn't resist checking out their music. This is probably the shortest song I've featured at 2 minutes and 12 seconds but is really nice and catchy. They probably could have stretched it out to around the 4 minute mark without compromising anything. If you replaced the vocals on this song with those of Stephin Merritt it could easily double as just about any early Magnetic Fields track. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is home to indie pop group Catholic Gaydar (I'm still laughing a bit). The band is primarily the music of Matt Packman who is also part of Sharp Like Knives.

I heard another one of their songs that sounded more along the lines of experimental folktronica (hate that word). They have a MySpace page to hear more but I couldn't find an official website for them. From what I read Catholic Gaydar's debut album is due to be released some time in 2006. If you can get past the name and pink man panties, the music is really good.

MP3: Don't Let Go

Bonus MP3: Cigarettes and Sleeplessness


Michelle said...

I'm still laughing, too. Catholic Gaydar... *snigger*... Stiff Kitty... *snigger snigger*... etc.

Michelle said...

Oh... and I want a Catholic Gaydar t-shirt, too.

4casey4 said...

I could probably make you one...

Seeya at lunch break!