Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Avec A

If you like noisy rock that is heavily influenced by Sonic Youth you are really going to enjoy the music here today. We actually left the house in search of a few cocktails last night so the write up might be a bit more to the point than usual. Today's song is really good and one I knew was going to be featured here as soon as I heard it. Avec A is an indie rock trio that used to be named Avec Aisance. They are from Amsterdam, Netherlands and formed in 2002. The last album from Avec A titled Vivre Dans l'aisance was released at the very beginning of 2004. It is available through distributor (Dutch language). If you visit the Avec A website, you can contact them directly via email to order it. Also on the website are quite a few songs and 3 videos to download. All of the other songs are this good and even more influenced by the early 90's era SY stuff!

I read in a couple of the brief reviews I could find that the band makes some of the instruments they use to accent their songs. They are also currently working on new experimental material for a 2006 release. They have a MySpace page with not much info but more good songs to hear. I was jumping around the living room to this... unplugged bass in hand. My downstairs neighbors must love me.

Oh yeah, this is the album to look out for...

MP3: In The Line of Judy

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