Sunday, June 04, 2006

SS Cardiacs

No classic Sunday this time on account of my computer crashing and having no backup files. Instead I will treat you to yet another great band that you probably could only group with the last artist for the fact that both have frontwomen. I think it was around 1992 when I first heard Juliana Hatfield's debut solo release Hey Babe. Ever since then I've had something of a crush on those type of squeaky female vocals. SS Cardiacs is primarily the music of Canadian artist Jessie Stein. From what I gathered, she is from Montreal, lived in Toronto and recently relocated to Halifax. I might be wrong but it's early in the morning.

SS Cardiacs are also part of the Toronto based music Co-Op Blocks Music Club. They released the full-length CD Fear the Love in May 2005 and have another on the way, although I couldn't find any details on an exact release date. As ever, you can find them on MySpace and check the SS Cardiacs website (why do I always almost type SS Cardigans?) too, for 3 more songs to download that are equally good. I mean really good!

I'm going back to bed... Happy Sunday sleepfest to all.

MP3: Noo Noo

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rachael said...

Ah! I am ever glad that I came across your blog. Is it possible to post the links for ''Tell me again'' and ''Stand tall''?

I cannot find them ANYWHERE.

xx Rachael