Sunday, June 18, 2006

Drop Nineteens

Sunday is a perfect day to feature 8 minutes and 55 seconds of early 90s shoegaze bliss. I don't purposefully search for that genre but when I find a good example you can probably place a safe bet that it will end up here in the group. If someone asked me to provide a song as a template for an up and coming band that wanted to adopt this particular sound I would have to say that it gets no more textbook than Kick The Tragedy. Around 5 minutes into the song there is some spoken word but this is mostly instrumental and absolutely beautiful.

Drop Nineteens were a Boston, Massachusetts quintet that formed in 1991. They gained notoriety for being one of the few US bands that adopted the now famous sound as it was happening during that time period. The song featured today is track number 4 from the 1992 release Delaware on Caroline Records. On November 15 of that very same year Drop Nineteens did a Peel Session and received further attention abroad. If you go to the MySpace fan profile you can hear the song Winona that was dedicated to Ms. Ryder herself. They also did noise-tastic covers of Barry Manilow's song Mandy and Madonna's Angel. Out of the band members, the only update I could find was that Paula Kelley has plenty of solo material which can be heard at the Paula Kelley Orchestra MySpace page. If you are a fan of the vocal stylings of Juliana Hatfield and can imagine some deeper musical content, you will not be disappointed with your visit.

MP3: Kick The Tragedy

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