Monday, June 12, 2006


Lets's start this week off with an amazing electronica duo from France. Virginie Krupa and Alexandre Brovelli have only started their journey with the recent formation of OMR. I was clued in by another guitar rock fan, surprisingly enough. It's always a good thing when that happens. Kind of nice to know that when you put music out there in either direction, the other folks don't run for the hills.

If you check out the OMR MySpace page you will find that the songs there are not all like this one. Some guitar stuff too. The song today is from the second OMR release Superheroes Crash and is available through the band's label Uncivilized World. You can also purchase this highly recommended (by me) CD from the following distributors in Japan, Switzerland, Poland and Italy. This is great indie pop that I can't put into any one genre.

Oh yeah, If you visit the OMR Website you will be impressed by the layout... really good graphics and setup. Again, great way to start the week ah??

MP3: The Way We Have Chosen

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Jacklyn Hyde said...

Okay, that's now two bands I've gotten hooked on thanks to your insight. Now all I need is a full time job so I can afford to pay for these CDs...