Wednesday, June 21, 2006

East Hundred

Michelle and I are headed 2 hours southeast to Athens, Ohio this morning to see what kind of trouble we can get into. I only mention this because we will stay overnight and the music on the MySpace group won't get changed until mid Thursday. With that in mind, I needed to find a really nice band for this day and a half away. Alan @ Sixeyes recruited some new music writers for his blog and one of the first to post there recently did a piece on the band I settled on. If you go to Labelworthy you will also find them featured along with some other artists I've had here and in the group.

East Hundred
is a trio from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band's frontwoman Beryl Guceri has an amazing voice and to top it off, after looking at the band pictures... Güzel bir kýz gördüm!! I'm not sure if that's right and only say it because she mentions her Turkish descent on the East Hundred MySpace page. The only other Turkish I could come up with is was Kurtlu baklanin kor alicisi olur which has something to do with blind people buying or eating beans? Anyway, this band is a really nice find and all of the songs are highly recommended. You can buy the seven song debut self titled release on CD Baby for $13 USD. Also visit the East Hundred website for more info on live dates and suchlike. They currently list their label as Blue Green Records but I couldn't find it anywhere on the web... The site must be a work in progress. I am not going to make any comparisons this time since they are wonderful without them. Great music!

MP3: Numbers


dansejenta said...

cool pictures;)

Anonymous said...

She's hot... nice group you have on the myspace too


Tom Jonze said...

i wrote that review for 6eyes. thanks for diggin. i'm sure EH love that. get their new EP and keep your peepers opened for their new album this fall.