Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ok, I wont go banging on as usual about legendary rock musician Bob Mould, but this new release had to be mentioned and obviously featured. Blowoff is a project and musical collaboration that got started as an ongoing DJ/Club party event of Bob and Richard Morel of Pink Noise fame. They hold events at the 9:30 Club in their current hometown of Washington DC and have taken this partnership to a new level.

Plenty of you are familiar with Mr. Mould's history but also might need to check out Morel for some wonderful music from a completely different direction. These two artists combined sound incredible as a pop duo. The hype has already begun and you can find out more on Boblog as well as the Morel MySpace page. I might have been expecting more of a dance tone with this but am so pleased with this song I can't wait for the full release on Septemper 5th 2006. The guitars on the track sound almost like Sugar but Bob Mould's vocals are kept to a backing minimum. This is as catchy as it gets and is an equal effort you will hear more about. Enjoy!!

MP3: Hormone Love

Blowoff on MySpace

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