Sunday, June 11, 2006

Uncle Tupelo

Here we are with another Sunday classic. I skipped last week so will have to give you a truly wonderful song, which some of you might have guessed was coming.

Uncle Tupelo really wasn't one of my favorite bands, I'll admit. I do have to say, on the other hand, that No Depression is one of my favorite albums of all time. The sophomoric lyrics are outstanding and put you in a certain youthful place in time when you might have had something similar to say. It all made sense back in the day and deserves to be heard by anyone I can get to listen. The two founding members of this group went separate ways and started new bands around a decade ago. Jeff Tweedy is the one you probably know best with his band Wilco. The songs on No Depression he sang were the ones I skipped over. Jay Farrar was the signature vocal sound for Uncle Tupelo and still keeps things (at least) similar with his band Son Volt.

In summary, if you are going to buy anything from the history of this band make sure your first stop is No Depression. You decide from there. Yee Haw!!

MP3: Life Worth Living

Uncle Tupelo fan site

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