Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Wet Secrets

If I have any one goal with this blog, I would suppose it is to feature different types of music. I usually stay within the loose confines of indie guitar rock and electronica but this time I've got a wild one foryou. The Wet Secrets are a five piece from Edmonton, Alberta Canada and were formed at the beginning of 2005. I could try to re-interpret the band's rather interesting beginnings for you but instead will quote the following story from a review I found on the University of Alberta student news site The Gateway... Their mission, which the Wet Secrets chose to accept, was to form a band, record an album, and play their one and only show in a mere seven days. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the results were a "campy, circus, space jungle" success according to the band's trombonist Donna Ball. Several months ago, Trevor Anderson (the drummer from the Vertical Struts) along with Lyle Bell (also known as Whitey Houston) inadvertently stumbled into the seven-days-to-make-a-band challenge when Bell neglected to cancel a booking for a show. "Lyle booked us a show so we would have to follow through with [the project]", explains Anderson. "Then I got really busy and I said that we should cancel the show. He said 'sure'. Then, one week before we were supposed to play, I found out he never cancelled it." After embracing the idea of playing anyway, the band upped the ante by deciding to record their brand-spanking-new material as they went along.

The band uses a broad range of different musical instruments that amount to what I can only describe as an indie marching band sound. The 10-song CD A Whale Of A Cow is supposedly available on Blackbyrd Myoozik but I couldn'tfind it when I visited the website. You will need to visit The Wet Secrets on their MySpace page to hear and find out more. If you get the chance, check out the track listing. You'll get a good laugh.

MP3: Mr. Rimjob 1999

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