Saturday, June 24, 2006


I featured The Hymns with a song called Brother Sister a few months ago and so when I received a MySpace add request from a band that has the name of that song I added them without recognizing the difference. I thought they might be pleased that they were featured here but nahhh...wrong band/name/etc.. I manage to forgetfully do those type of things on occasion. It was actually good fortune on my part and after several listens they get a feature spot here and also on the MySpace group.

Brother-Sister is the music of Dante Nou and Xavia Nou from Adelaide, South Australia. I'm assuming that means that they really are brother and sister? Yep, it's true. From what I read, Dante is a part of an international theatre group based in the UK and Xavia left art school in Australia to perform with bands in Nashville (yes I mean Tennessee). They kept in touch via laptop and shared music thoughts and ideas which evolved into what you are listening to now. The 2005 self-titled release is available through CD Baby. Also check the Brother-Sister website as well as their MySpace page for band news. I promised myself I would not use the word 'folktronica' but I really just might... If only they didn't know where to find me for my arse-kicking. I'm buying this for sure btw. Very high recommendation on this one...all songs are good!!

MP3: Likewise

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