Monday, June 26, 2006

Bridges and Powerlines

I don't usually accept MySpace friends requests from random bands too often these days unless there is some sort of communication beforehand so when I received a request from this one, I was a little confused by the familiarity. I featured a band from New York City on the MySpace group in February that was probably one of my favorites so far. Sunspots had a song called Carmen and it was only a demo. You can hear that song on the MySpace page we created for this blog. Check that and tell me you are not appalled at this horrible case of plagiarism. Shocking to say the least!! We at Milk Milk Lemonade were simply disgusted, I can tell you.

Of course I'm joking.

The band decided to change up names to avoid needless legal hassle since they are actually going somewhere and not sweating a minor detail unlike another band that previously trademarked the name. Pffft! Check out the new Bridges and Powerlines website to get more info and obviously their (new) MySpace page to hear more music. All songs are extremely good so there is no need to be reluctant when it comes to release time. Love it.

MP3: Carmen

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