Monday, June 26, 2006

Wild Honey

Sometimes the most rewarding part of this whole music searching thing is when I can find small bands in really great locations. After spending the entire weekend at the largest non-corporate music and arts festival in the United States (across the street from my apartment), I was definitely in the mood for some outdoor-friendly festival type sounds. I had to search no further than my own MySpace friends list to find the perfect music for the start of the week. We'll just need to go visit one of my favorite cities in the world for this one.

Athens, Greece is home to the exceptional quartet Wild Honey. Annita (Voice), Monsieur Poirot (Guitar, Voice), Paul Joe Alketas Clint> (Bass), Ottomo (Drums) have a crisp clean acoustic sound that deserves multiple listens. There is no official website that I am aware of but you might want to visit the Wild Honey MySpace page to download this and another equally mesmerizing song. If this doesn't make you smile... um.

MP3: 1000 Spaceships

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Anonymous said...

I like the other song on myspace.

Thank you for this one.