Friday, June 09, 2006

Camp Radio

I only heard this band for the first time yesterday and don't know much about them at all. This song is great and I wanted to feature it, but I found little in the way of information on them. I checked for a MySpace page but was unsuccessful. If that is the case, they would only be the second band I've featured that are yet to get a MySpace profile. I checked out the Camp Radio website and found basic info on their new May 23rd self-titled debut release. It is available as a limited edition numbered vinyl LP, packaged gatefold style, and also includes a CD when you buy it at the band's label Kelp Records. There is another song to download there also. Camp Radio is a 3-piece from Ottawa, Canada.

Frontman and guitarist Chris Page formed the band in 2005 and also has solo material released through Kelp going back to 2003. Chris is involved with an ongoing music project/band called TheStandGT as well. It's all great indie rock now that I dig deeper and listen some more. If anyone has additional info, let me know. Enjoy.

MP3: On The Landing Strip

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