Monday, June 19, 2006

The Light Wires

I mentioned a while back that I wanted to slip an Ohio band or two into the mix so as to remind folks of the huge amount of talent here in the Buckeye state. What is a Buckeye you ask?? This one comes courtesy of a guy named Joe who runs a really nice music blog called each note secure. He was filling in for another vacationing blogger and contributed The Light Wires there just over a week ago. I kept going back and listening to one of the songs and eventually started looking for the perfect day to host and feature it. So here you have it.

The Light Wires are yet another great band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They formed around 2002 and are primarily the brainchild (I hate that word) of Jeremy Pinnell. I really don't know much else about the band besides what you can already hear. They really are outta-hand wonderful. To hear another song, check out their MySpace page but do yourself a favor and put your hand over the left side of the screen so you don't have to view their influences. j/k...well maybe not. They are signed to the Tiberius Records label and from what I gather, this song is from a compilation that came out in 2004? There are a few dry tank Ohio folks here in the group that might be able to answer that one for us... The Light Wires website will also be up and running soon.

For those of you that have recently been invited or stumbled upon this weblog please realise that I am not a music critic or proper blogger. This is just a fun way to blow off steam at the end of the day.

MP3: The Hum Of Black Machines

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