Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Mondays are usually recovery days for me due to my usual weekend tequila intake so after sitting quietly in my office drinking a ton of water and laughing my hungover ass off at one of my favorite websites I made my way home. I didn't do the slightest bit of music searching yesterday but came up with one hell of a song that has been gaining steam in music blogland at the same time I was getting steamed over the weekend. Give this song a chance to build from it's humble first minutes into a full blown rock extravaganza that will leave you wanting to visit the Arizona MySpace page immediately to hear more. I love finding bands like this. It really makes this whole thing worthwhile. I love the song Thimble... I originally thought the chorus was "crying to my bimbo". I probably need help.

Arizona is not from Arizona. They are a Brooklyn, New York quintet that will have you at the edge of your seat waiting for the next transition and/or catchy hook during any given song. If you go the the Arizona website you will find some upcoming dates, a bit more info on the band and some outstanding artwork. They are currently not signed to a label but I can assure you that won't last long. I think they can afford to be choosy. Their debut full length release is titled Welcome Back Dear Children and should be available any day now. Not much to else to say here...The music speaks well enough for itself. This one is highly recommended.

MP3: Splintering

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